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Comparing online bookmakers can be a daunting task. There are a lot of them out there, and going through all is almost impossible. Trust us, we know. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to do it for you. Below is a list of all bookies we have tested. Check out the ratings and reviews for all of them before choosing one, to make sure you make the best decision you can.

All bookmakers

Our rating:
  • Great promotions
  • Large supply of Cricket betting
  • Experts at E-sports betting
Sport bonus:

100% upto Rs.2500

Our rating:
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic co-owner
  • Best odds in Europe
  • Football-focused betting site
Sport bonus:

Up to £50 in bonuses

Our rating:
  • World's biggest betting site
  • Great supply of odds
  • Excellent in-play betting
Sport bonus:

100% up to £100 in bet credits

Our rating:
  • Local BANK Transfer
  • Great odds & supply
  • Loads of promotions
Sport bonus:

150% upto Rs.10000

Our rating:
  • Easy & fast betting
  • Great support
  • Nice welcome offer
Sport bonus:

100% upto Rs.10000

Our rating:
  • Offers a large array of profitable promotions
  • No limits, deposit, and bet as much as you want
  • One of the biggest game selections on the market
Sport bonus:

100% upto Rs.7500

Our rating:
  • Keno Games
  • Football-focused betting site
Sport bonus:

100% upto Rs.8000

Our rating:
  • Great Casino Offers
  • Local Indian Helpline number
  • Cricket-focused betting site
Sport bonus:

100% upto Rs.7500

Our rating:
  • New betting site
  • Great offers
  • Good odds
Sport bonus:

£20 Free Bet

No UK License Bookmakers

Our rating:
  • Good bonus
  • More international than many others
  • No UK license
Sport bonus:

100% upto Rs.7500

Online bookmakers

If you have landed here, you are most likely looking for an online bookmaker that you can trust and enjoy betting at. You have come to the right place. Our main objective is to provide you with a great overview and list all bookies we find trustworthy. Why? To make your decision as well-founded as possible.

Thus, what are the important factors to consider regarding finding the best online bookies? They might differ between different players, depending on what they prefer to look for. Some like the absolute best odds, while others might look for a easy-to-navigate mobile app. We compare many factors to get the best possible overview so to make it easy for you to make your decision.

To find the best bookmakers online, these are the factors we use in our comparison:

  1. Trustworthiness
  2. Support & customer service
  3. Payment methods
  4. Quality of odds and supply
  5. Special functions
  6. User-friendliness
  7. Offers & promotions


The main factor, and the heaviest one, is trustworthiness. Why? Because it is a financial decision to bet on sports. And every financial decision should be as secure as possible. There are a lot of fishy and non-serious bookmakers on the market, but we shy away from them and only list ones we trust after thorough research.


Akin to trustworthiness, the customer service plays an important role in our ranking. Is there a live chat available 24 hours a day? If there are any issues, will they be fixed to satisfaction? It is always important for customers to feel that any problem can be fixed in a carefree way.

Payment methods

Safe and fast payment methods is another must. To us, it matters little if the bookmaker offer a lot of different options. It is more important that they offer the best payment methods. These include credit and debit cards, but also e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller.

Quality of odds

The three factors above are all related to security, the next ones are related to the betting itself. The odds are of course an important factor, since they, in a way, control your winnings and losses. Both the possibility to get the best odds, but also the amount of selections are important aspects.

Special functions

Cash-out, asian handicap and bet builders are examples of functions that are not a given. If a bookmaker offer more than less of these special functions, and if they work to satisfaction, we will rate them higher.


No one wants a slow app, difficult navigation or a general fuzziness to their betting. It should be a straightforward affair to bet with a bookmaker. Therefore, layout, loading speed and similar elements play a part in our listing and ranking.

Offers & Promotions

Another important factor for many is the signup offer and promotions in general. Of course it is nice to get a great welcome offer that you can make into real money, but never rely on it. In its essence, a welcome offer is made for you to try out the bookmaker, not to win a lot of money. Nevertheless, it is an extra boost when it comes to our ranking, since we know many of you value it.

Choosing UK bookmakers

If you are a UK citizen, be sure to choose a bookmaker that is licensed in the country. A lot are, so you won’t be having troubles finding them. In our list above, all bookies have got a UK license, issued by the Gambling Commission.

As a UK citizen, you therefore have a plethora of bookies to choose from, which makes your decision a lot easier in one way, but a lot harder in another. So, for your benefit, check out the list in order to make a great decision when choosing a UK bookie.

How to choose the best bookmaker for you specifically?

What are the things that would make you like a bookmaker? That is the main question. You want longevity with any bookmaker you choose. Sure, it is a benefit to have an account with several bookies if you are looking to make a profit long-term, but for the casual bettor, you need to be comfortable with your “main” bookie for a long time. Trustworthiness and great customer support are two things that really improves the chances of you having a long term relation with a bookmaker.

But aside from these obvious factors, there are individual differences between you and other players. You might have the inclusion of Asian Handicap as an absolute must when choosing a bookmaker, while others might feel the same way about live streaming. So, there are no general rules to what constitutes a good bookmaker for you.

What we can say is that the ones in our list are trustworthy. Of course, we can’t promise they will stay that way, but for now that is our firm belief. From there, it is up to you to check our list out, read the specific reviews and make your choice from your own preferences. You are always welcome to contact us with any queries you might have.

New bookmakers 2019

Every year, there are new bookmakers hitting the market. There is an increasing demand for good betting options, which has increased competition and therefore, in the long run, given players a great position with a lot of choices.

What do a new betting site need to do to compete in today’s tough environment?

Well, they need to stand out in some sort of way. Either with a great special feature like bet builders, live streaming or a specific niché, like esports betting or American sports. There are also other features that are a must. They include:

  • Great mobile solution
  • Great amount of odds
  • Great customer support

In general, you will have a nice time comparing and choosing the correct bookie for your needs. It is a buyer's market!

Online bookmakers FAQ

How do we rank bookmakers?

We rank bookmaker by looking at seven main factors. They include trust, service, payment, odds, functions, usability and offers.

Are you biased?

No, we are not. We only list bookmakers we have put a lot of effort into investigating. If they don’t make the cut, they are not on our website.

Which is a the best bookmaker for me?

There is no simple answer, different players crave different things. In general, however, all well-known brands are good for everybody.

What should I be wary of when choosing a bookmaker?

Always be sure not to choose a bookie with a bad reputation, often it’s true. We always try to keep our list updated and remove bookies that doesn’t live up to the high standards we set.